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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions

Relieve Concerns Associated with Orthopedic Conditions in Dallas

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments at Hyperbaric Centers of Texas provide a number of benefits to patients suffering orthopedic conditions. HBOT treatments improve the rate of healing and target specific concerns within the orthopedic realm of illness and health issues. By providing 100% oxygen saturation, problem areas are targeted, and relief and healing is achieved.

Air/Gas Embolism

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces the volume and increases the absorption of the gas bubbles.

Decompression Sickness/Decompression Illness (Bends)

Decompression Sickness (DCS) or Decompression Illness (DCI) occurs when bubbles of inert gas become trapped in tissue and/or blood at a sufficient enough level to interfere with organ function. This problem can be caused by rapid decompression during ascent from diving or flying. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the only treatment for this disorder.

Wound Healing

This treatment is especially effective for patients with poor circulation.

Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) and Radiation Tissue Damage

Radiation injuries can occur months and even years after radiation exposure. Radiation treatment is designed to destroy a malignancy and normal tissue cells that have been damaged. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to enhance the growth of blood cells in irradiated and hypoxic tissue areas where there were few or none after radiation.

Skin Grafts & Flaps (Compromised)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is instrumental in the aid of skin grafts and flaps. When tissue has been damaged by irradiation, perfusion (blood delivery to capillary beds), or hypoxia, HBOT can greatly improve the life and viability of the damaged tissue.

Osteomyelitis (Refractory)

HBOT treatments are frequently used in association with surgical and infectious disease therapies for chronic inflammation of the bone.

Thermal Burns

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is presently utilized to treat serious burns (greater than 20% total body surface), partial- or full-thickness injury, or injury that involves the hands, face, feet, or perineum. Working in close conjunction with a comprehensive burn care program, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve survival, reduce the length of hospital stay, and lessen the need for surgery.

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