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100% pure oxygen saturation
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Treat all types of health concerns.

Treating Autism with HBOT in Dallas

Improve Verbal Communication, Attention, and More

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects language, social skills, and development. It is usually diagnosed in the first three years of life and is a complex developmental disability. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism has had success assisting with autism-specific concerns.

Getting Treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment has been known to improve:

  • verbal communication
  • direct eye contact
  • reasoning ability
  • motor skills
  • balance
  • attention
  • reduce aggressive behavior

Who Will Benefit from HBOT Therapy for Autism?

There are many beneficial reasons to receive a hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment at Hyperbaric Centers of Texas. Children or adults with autism can benefit from HBOT treatments for the following concerns:

Who Shouldn’t Be Treated

HBOT therapy is NOT recommend by some doctors for children with the following concerns and issues:

  • Severe birth trauma to the central nervous system
  • Seizures (there are some exceptions, so consult with a doctor to be sure)
  • Children with a severe present sinus infection or cold (once symptoms subside, HBOT treatments can begin or continue)

To learn more or to schedule hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for autism in Dallas, call (972) 238-7333, or contact us online.

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