Understanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Processes

Beginning Treatment at HCT:

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnson to determine if hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a good fit for you and your condition.

If it is determined that hyperbaric oxygen is appropriate, you will receive a prescription from Dr. Johnson for a certain number of hours of therapy and at what pressure.

Schedule and pay for hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments. Treatment must be paid for at the time of service. If the patient would like to purchase a package of treatments they must pay in full and then schedule their future appointments.

During the treatment:

Before starting each treatment, the patient will change into scrubs and remove their shoes. Upon entering the chamber, and as the treatment begins, they will feel a pressure on their ears, much like that of being in an airplane. It is important to clear ears constantly during this time.


As the pressure increases, the temperature may get a little warmer, but this is never uncomfortable. If the pressure is too uncomfortable or builds up too quickly, the patient simply needs to notify the technician and it can be slowed down. When the treatment pressure is reached, the experience can be quite relaxing.


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