Traumatic Brain Injury & Concussion

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Effective Brain Injury Treatment Using Hyperbaric Chambers

People who suffer from brain injuries can highly benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments at Hyperbaric Centers of Texas. Our hyperbaric chambers provide 100% pure oxygen, help grow new blood vessels, decrease swelling and inflammation, improve the rate of healing.

After a traumatic brain injury (TBI)  has occurred, a large area of the brain may become “dormant” and non-functioning, causing all sorts of difficult symptoms. This is from to an extreme lack of oxygen due to brain tissue swelling and reduced blood flow. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments dramatically increase oxygen carried in the blood to the brain, decreasing swelling and reviving dormant cells, increasing the potential of recovery. By stimulating these “dormant” tissues you can return them to more normal functioning.

Concussion Recovery Overview

In 2014, an estimated 812,000 children (age 17 or younger) were treated in U.S. for concussion or TBI, alone or in combination with other injuries.


What The Center for Disease Control Says – Typical Symptoms & Recovery


Most children with TBI recover from the initial symptoms within 6 weeks after injury. Approximately 60% had persistent symptoms at one month post-injury, 10% at three months post-injury, and less than 5% at one year post-injury, keeping them from resuming normal activities like school-work and sports.


Those who have had previous concussions or other medical conditions (such as chronic headaches, anxiety and depression) may take longer to heal. On rare occasions, receiving another concussion before the brain has healed can result in brain swelling, permanent brain damage, and even death, particularly among children and teens.


Current treatment protocols only suggest rest and restricting activities to help the brain heal. There is currently no standard treatment for concussions.


University of Buffalo Study Results – Use of Exercise Post-Concussion

(2/4/2019, JAMA Pediatrics)


  • Followed 103 participants ages 13-18, males and females
  • All were seen within 10 days of sustaining a sports-related concussion
  • Patients who followed the aerobic exercise program took on average 13 days to recover while those in the control group, who performed stretching exercises, took 17 days. In addition, fewer patients in the exercise program took longer than four weeks to recover than those in the control group.
  • Conclusion: The researchers involved said that this provides strong evidence than a “prescribed, individualized aerobic exercise program that keeps the heart rate below


Dr. Daphne Denham Study Results – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Post-Concussion
(Presented at the 2018 International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation Conference)


  • 103 individuals (59 male and 40 female, non-adults) were treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy following a concussion within 14 days of the incident. Of these, five individuals had a 2nd concussion.
  • 75% of the group was symptom-free after three one-hour treatments, and 90% were symptom free after five one-hour treatments.