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How Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments Help Neurological Conditions

Neurological DamageHyperbaric oxygen therapy can help promote healing in the body by increasing its exposure to oxygen. This type of treatment is especially useful for neurological conditions such as brain damage caused by stroke. Bringing more oxygen to the brain can help it to recover from damage and function more efficiently. The Hyperbaric Centers of Texas offers this type of treatment to patients who need it.

What are Hyperbaric Treatments?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments involve placing the patient in an enclosed chamber for a short period of time. While the patient is enclosed, he or she is exposed to high-pressure oxygen. This allows the patient’s body to receive extra oxygen, which promotes healing of certain conditions.

Some doctors use partial hyperbaric treatments, where they expose only a particular part of the body to high pressure oxygen. However, true hyperbaric treatments require the patient to be completely enclosed in the oxygen chamber.

How Do these Treatments Help Neurological Disorders?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments help promote healing in the brain by flooding it with oxygen. This is especially important in the event that a patient has a stroke because damaged brain tissue needs oxygen in order to repair itself. It is also used to treat other neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy and autism.

Is the Treatment Safe?

Most patients experience few side effects. Some patients may have an earache or headache while in the oxygen chamber; this side effect is similar to what many people experience during takeoff or landing while traveling by airplane. This kind of pain usually goes away once the treatment ends.

A few people suffer oxygen toxicity while taking this treatment. Oxygen toxicity is very rare, and doctors monitor the patient’s ability to breathe while he or she is in the oxygen chamber to ensure the patient’s safety. To reduce the risk of oxygen toxicity, patients should breathe normally while getting hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

If you are looking for Dallas oxygen treatment, please call the Hyperbaric Centers of Texas at 972-238-7333 to make an appointment.

What are the Side Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen TreatmentHyperbaric oxygen therapy is a safe way to promote greater wellness. These treatments can help heal serious injuries such as bone injuries and injuries to tissue due to radiation. Of course, this type of treatment has side effects just like any other treatment, but it is one of the safest treatments for serious illnesses. The Hyperbaric Centers of Texas offers safe, effective hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments require the patient to enter an enclosed chamber. While the patient breathes normally, the pressure in the chamber increases to greater than one atmosphere. The increased pressure can help promote healing in certain parts of the body.

Some doctors perform a type of therapy where isolated areas of the body are exposed to greater atmospheric pressure, but this is not hyperbaric treatment because the entire body is not enclosed in the chamber.

Common Side Effects

Pain in the ear is one of the most common therapy side effects. This type of pain is similar to the type of pain you might feel upon taking off or landing when traveling by airplane. In most cases, your ears feel better as soon as the treatment ends. Mild ear pain is normal and is not of concern to most treating physicians. Patients may also experience blurry vision or fatigue while in the pressurized chamber.

Serious Side Effects

Complications and serious side effects are rare. However, occasionally a patient will experience oxygen toxicity while in the chamber. This side effect can cause seizures and serious respiratory illness. Doctors monitor patients in the hyperbaric chambers to ensure they are not suffering from this side effect. It is also important for patients to breathe normally and not hold their breath in the chamber to minimize the risk of serious side effects.

If you need Dallas oxygen treatment, the Hyperbaric Centers of Texas offer safe and effective hyperbaric therapy. Call us at 972-238-7333 to schedule an appointment.

How Oxygen Therapy Helps Victims of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide DetectorTasteless, odorless, and colorless, carbon monoxide can begin to have a negative effect on human health before sufferers are even aware of the presence of the harmful substance. Carbon monoxide is produced by household devices like fuel-burning furnaces and fireplaces. Improper exhaust ventilation can lead to a dangerous build-up of the substance in your Dallas home’s living areas, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. The Mayo Clinic recommends hyperbaric oxygen treatment at a quality clinic like the Hyperbaric Centers of Texas as an effective way to treat the effects of inhaling carbon monoxide.

When there is too much carbon monoxide present in the air that you breathe, your body’s ability to absorb oxygen is significantly decreased, leading to serious damage to your body’s tissues. In a hyperbaric oxygen therapy room, the chamber’s air pressure is increased to allow your body to take in more oxygen. Blood carries the extra oxygen through your body, stimulating and promoting healing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy alone can often effectively treat the harmful effects of taking in too much carbon monoxide.

Hyperbaric Centers of Texas has hyperbaric oxygen therapy rooms available for a single client or for multiple clients. Our center provides 100% pure oxygen to speed healing and rejuvenation. You can expect to begin to notice improvements in health after just a few visits.

When you need Dallas oxygen therapy to help your body heal from the ill effects of inhaling too much carbon monoxide, you can depend upon the experts at Hyperbaric Centers of Texas for the most effective treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments not only increase the amount of oxygen in your blood but helps rid your body of toxins and metabolic waste products as well. To learn more about oxygen therapy or to schedule an appointment, call Hyperbaric Centers of Texas today at 972-238-7333.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Experience

hyperbaric chamberHyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments have been proven to help with the healing process and pain management after traumatic events or surgeries. Hyperbaric Centers of Texas is the leading authority on this type of oxygen therapy in Dallas, and has several options available to patients looking for treatment. Our team of professionals explains the therapy process below.

During the treatment process, the air pressure in the chamber rooms will begin to increase. This allows patients to breathe more concentrated oxygen than they normally would while breathing normal air. At first, patients may feel a slight pressure on their ears, which can be remedied by clearing their ears, much like how they would when taking off or landing in an airplane. Once the correct pressure has been reached, patients simply need to breathe normally for the therapy to work on their bodies.

Hyperbaric Centers of Texas has two types of chambers available to patients—monoplace and multiplace. Monoplace oxygen chambers are designed for a single person, whereas multiplace chambers can accommodate two or more people. Multiplace oxygen chambers are most often used during emergency conditions, when doctors or surgeons need to be present with the patient. Monoplace chambers usually reach an atmospheric pressure of 3 ATA (or atmospheric absolute). Multiplace chambers have the capability to increase the pressure up to 6 ATA.

Oxygen therapy has been proven to improve the effects of several conditions, including emergency conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning and decompression sickness. These treatments help speed the rate of recovery by allowing the patient to breathe pure oxygen, which promotes growth of tissues and blood cells. Oxygen therapy can even re-awake dormant neurons in injured brain tissue.

If you’re interested in hyperbaric oxygen treatments for yourself or a loved one, contact the Hyperbaric Centers of Texas today to learn more or schedule an appointment. Call 972-238-7333 to talk to one of our professionals today.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments Help Sports Injuries

GoalkeeperHyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatments are used to treat a wide variety of issues, both physical and mental. Conditions often treated with this method include emergencies like carbon monoxide poisoning as well as orthopedic conditions like thermal burns. Hyperbaric Centers of Texas is the authority on oxygen treatments in Dallas, TX. Their patients include several athletes looking for recovery and rejuvenation for their various injuries.

Recently, HBOT treatments have become increasingly popular with athletes because these treatments can help reduce pains from injuries and help increase rehabilitation times. In addition to these benefits, oxygen treatments also help professional and recreational athletes by:

  • reducing scar tissue formation
  • improving healing processes
  • reducing pain/swelling
  • preventing hypoxia (or lack of oxygen)

At Hyperbaric Centers of Texas, we understand that a speedy recovery for an injury or surgery is important to athletes. Your sport is your passion and perhaps even your livelihood, so protecting your body against injury is tantamount to being successful at what you do. But no matter how careful you are or how many precautions you take, injury is still a risk you take every time you engage in your sport. Luckily, if you do sustain an injury while playing (or practicing), oxygen treatments can help you heal.

Sports injuries are serious matters that should never be ignored or put off. The longer an injury goes without treatment, the more likely a serious injury will occur. Our medical professionals at Hyperbaric Centers of Texas recommend that athletes begin oxygen treatment within the first 24-48 hours of their sports injury. This ensures that all the benefits of oxygen therapy will effectively begin to work on the injury.

If you or someone you know has been injured while playing or practicing a sport, contact Hyperbaric Centers of Texas today for information on how our team of professionals can help. Call us at 972-238-7333 or use our convenient online contact form to request information or schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric ChamberHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a process that involves placing a patient in a specialized chamber that over time increases the atmospheric pressure. During this time, patients breathe pure oxygen, which help treat several types of health issues. Increased oxygen means that in areas where oxygen is low, or hypoxic, a reversal of this hypoxia happens, saturating tissues with oxygen and promoting healthy growth. At Hyperbaric Centers of Texas, HBOT is used to treat a number of medical conditions, and the benefits have been numerous.

Among the conditions that can be helped or cured by HBOT include sports injuries, orthopedic conditions like embolisms or decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, and emergency conditions like anemia and traumatic brain injuries. Overall, patients come away from HBOT feeling refreshed and healthy because they breathe pure oxygen throughout the treatment.

Several studies have been conducted about the benefits of using the HBOT process, and these studies have concluded that:

  • HBOT reawakens the dormant neurons that are alive but not functioning in and around the injured tissues of the brain.
  • A common link exists among children with autism and chronic inflammation of areas of the brain and intestinal tract. The anti-inflammatory effects of hyperbaric oxygen make it an attractive treatment option for autism.
  • 79% of autistic children improved on many levels including communication, cognition, and motivation after HBOT treatment.

Additionally, benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy include assisting in the growth of new blood vessels, improving brain cell function, and assisting with impaired circulation. At Hyperbaric Oxygen Centers of Texas, we believe in the power of HBOT treatment because of its proven record of helping patients with pain, recovery, and regeneration. To learn more about oxygen therapy in Dallas or to schedule an appointment, contact our offices today by calling 972-238-7333.

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